April 22, 2021 ASQ Atlanta Virtual Meeting

April 22, 2021 ASQ Atlanta Virtual Section Meeting - Improve Engagement and Teamwork with Purpose
Improve Engagement and Teamwork with Purpose
Presented by Peter Chatel
The Chatel Consulting Group

Engagement and teamwork are key elements of success or failure when projects rely on cross-functional teams where position lacks power and authority is unclear. Purpose can be a great tool to encourage engagement, teamwork, and participation As many organizations begin planning for a return to work, leaders are facing the challenge of re-engaging their teams in ways that accelerate the transition and the performance achieved.

In this presentation and workshop, Peter Chatel will demonstrate how Purpose will improve engagement and teamwork.
Purpose is correlated with a quadrupling of the likelihood of being engaged at work (Gallup/Healthways, 2013). ​ Participants will gain clarity about their core values and beliefs and purpose. They will have an opportunity to find the alignment with the core values and mission of the organization in which they work. This will prepare participants to empower their team members through a similar process. Workers who live with purpose are more productive, demonstrate greater leadership effectiveness, and experience higher income levels. Organizations that operate with Purpose are more profitable, experience greater employee loyalty and less turnover, and greater customer satisfaction. Attend this workshop and discover how Purpose can become a powerful momentum generator for you and your team.

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