Ohio University Students Mike Watkins And Megan Clark Attend WORLD CONFERENCE ON QUALITY & IMPROVEMENT In Anaheim, CA.

Their impressions of attending the conference below.
Mike Watkins
The ASQ World Conference was an amazing experience for Me. We were able to make many fruitful connections and network with people from all over not only the country but the globe. The best part of the conference, aside from the networking obviously, was all the knowledge gained from the breakout sessions and keynote presentations. Every keynote speaker at the beginning of the day was highly informative and impactful, showing us that with time and dedication, we can make changes in our communities, no matter how big or small. Personally, I found the first keynote talking about providing renewable energy to places in Africa to be inspiring. It made me feel like I could make a difference in some way to better people’s lives if I put my mind to it. As for the breakout sessions, my favorite had to be How to Audit Like a Jedi. The presenter had high energy and mixed auditing with Star Wars, so it kept the presentation entertaining but also informative.
Megan Clark
I really enjoyed my time being the president of the ASQ Ohio University chapter and I look forward to continuing my involvement as a professional member. I am very thankful for having the opportunity to go to the world conference and I have made so many connections with people from all over that I will continue throughout the years. While at the conference I joined the medical devices division, which is what I am involved with at my first job! It was really great to hear from others in the field and I look forward to working with the division soon. One of my favorite things about the conference was going to the audit like a Jedi seminar. It was really interesting to hear about how audits work and how to audit the system rather than the person and that is really coming into play for me since I will be doing internal audits from my company in the coming months. I also was fortunate to meet some people that live near me in Pennsylvania, and we are planning to get together soon.
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