Call for nominations for ASQ-Rockford Section #1205 officer positions starting January 1, 2022

The nomination period for our ASQ -Rockford Section Officers is now open and will close on October 21, 2021. Elections will be held via email if we have multiple nominated candidates.

Nominations are requested for the following positions: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Please submit names of nominated individuals to Nominating Chair, Diane Konopa, by 4pm on October 21, 2021.

Please utilize the excel form link below to submit your responses.

Below is a brief description of each position that is open for nominations. The positions are for a one-year term.


The Chair provides leadership and oversight to the member unit, prepares meeting agendas, and is the presiding officer.


The Vice Chair performs duties as directed by the Chair in support of the organization’s mission and goals. This position should succeed to the position of Chair following the end of the Chair’s term.


The Secretary documents member unit business and maintain the records. This position serves as the official correspondent of the member unit.


The Treasurer oversees funds, maintains accurate financial records, and reports on financial condition as directed by the Society bylaws and policies and procedures.

We also have positions for Arrangements Chair, Programs Chair, Newsletter Chair, Membership Chair, Scholarship Chair, and Historian. We would welcome any section member of 1205 who would like to become a member of any one of the committees.

For more information, please contact Diane Konopa at
News Rockford Section 09/27/2021 10:00am CDT


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