Meet The 2021 ASQ Vancouver Conference Speakers And Their Topics!



Meet the 2021 Speakers and their topics!

Keynote Speaker: Kristopher Peters (tútl’ó/he/il)
Topic: Bridging the Indigenous and Colonizers’ Business Worlds
Presenter: Trevor O’Rourke
Topic: Building Resilience and Agility through a Strong Corporate Culture.
Presenter: Kim Christiansen
Topic: Personal Productivity Systems
Presenter: George Verdolaga
Topic: Redesigning Your Workplace for Better Work/Life Balance
Presenter: Daniel (Jammie) Graves
Topic: Supplier Quality – Refocusing Supplier Partner Priorities under Current Business Challenges
Presenter: Tim Ackah-Sanzah
Topic: New View of Safety
Presenter: Afzal Minhas
Topic: Strategic Planning for Quality and EHS professionals
Keynote Speaker: Natella Isazada
Topic: Corporate Social Responsibility as Modern Business Strategy
Presenter: Sandra Amador
Topic: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – is a New Effective Way of Doing Business Globally.
Presenter: Devraj Chattaraj
Topic: Business Excellence Program at Tata Group
Presenter: Hugh Alley
Topic: Refocusing our Improvement Methods: How Eliminating TWI’s Key Points can Improve Quality and Demonstrate Respect for Workers
Presenter: Andrea McKinlay
Topic: Managing Mental Health in Post Pandemic Workplaces
Moderator: Fernando De La Torre; Speakers: Michael Van Belle and Elizabeth Burns
Topic: Uncovering the Eureka Moments – How QMS internal audits reveal opportunities for innovation
Back up speaker: Leslie O’Flahavan
Topic: 10 Crushing Business Writing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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