Annual Call For Nominations For ASQ Vancouver Section Leadership Committee


Annual Call for Nominations for ASQ Vancouver Section Leadership Committee

Do you want to join the ASQ Vancouver team as a Member Leader Volunteer? This is your chance!

Please submit names of any nominations to Tony Mark, Nominations Chair, via e-mail at by Nov. 30, 2021 for our required positions of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer for the year 2022.
Other positions available are Vice Chair, Membership, Nominating, Audit, Arrangements, Website, Program, Certification, Voice of Customer, myASQ Community, Education, Student, Publicity, Arrangements, Recruitment, Newsletter, Community Good Works and others.
Elections to be held at the next AGM in December 2021. Eligible individuals must be Regular Members of the Society and have a membership in Section 408 (Vancouver).

For more information, please contact Tony Mark, Nominating Committee Chair, at

News Vancouver (Section 408) 10/15/2021 10:18pm CDT


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