ASQ Conference 2021 - Call For Speakers!

ASQ Vancouver’s
Quality & Business Excellence Conference 2021

ASQ Vancouver Section 408 is hosting our 8th Annual Quality and Business Excellence Conference on Monday, Nov. 15th and Tuesday, Nov. 16th. We are now accepting speaker applications for the opportunity to present at this exciting event – which will be hosted online (like last year). Now that we are emerging from the pandemic, our theme this year is:

“A New Definition of Success: Refocus, Reinvent, Rebrand”
The purpose of our conference is to create a platform for sharing leading-edge developments in the fields of Quality Management and Business Excellence. We are looking forward to hearing from industry experts, thought leaders and business coaches who will inspire our audience to rethink the boundaries of what is possible, empower them with the knowledge and enable with the tools to turn the challenges we face into opportunities.
Our conference attracts a wide range of professionals, practitioners and students of Quality Management, Business Operations and related disciplines residing in Canada and the US. With the virtual format, this is a great opportunity for speakers to showcase your expertise in front of a potentially worldwide audience. Last year, we had over 200 attendees from countries on three continents!

All proposals must include practical learning that can be implemented. The acceptable formats are: keynote speeches, case studies, workshops, panel discussions, etc. Sales pitches are not accepted.

Possible topics:
Redesign of Workplaces for Better Work-Life Balance
Corporate Social Responsibility as a Modern Business Tool
How Indigenous Values Shape Business Ethics Today
New Challenges and Opportunities of Enterprise Risk Management
Transformation of Healthcare Organizations
Organizational Velocity as Competitive Advantage
Case Studies on Adopting Reliability Centered Maintenance: Success Stories and Cautionary Tales
Quality Management in the Era of Teleworking
Supply Chain Management: How to Prepare to Face Uncertainty
Why Implement Cloud-based QMS?
Industrial Internet of Things in Modern Business Environment
The Evolving Role of EHS
The Impact of Social Movements on Business Decision-Making
Managing Mental Health in Post-Pandemic Workplaces
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The list above is not exhaustive, we will consider submissions on related topics that support our theme “A New Definition of Success: Refocus, Reinvent, Rebrand”. The conference will be held on November 15-16 over the course of two half-days with the exact time to be determined.

Application process:
To apply please submit your proposal to by September 15th. Your proposal should include:
1. Brief professional bio including your previous speaking experience and references (approximately 150 words).
2. Brief synopsis of your proposed presentation that clearly links it to the conference theme (the presentation should be approximately 35 minutes long – with some time allocated at the end for questions).
3. Key takeaways from your session – up to three top learning objectives.
4. Your current headshot (preferably 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm in jpeg format but png is also acceptable).
5. Indication whether or not you are interested in taking a spot as a backup speaker.
6. Whether your proposal is accepted or not, we will contact you by September 21st. Selected speakers will receive the details on milestones in the process.

Technology Requirements
ASQ specified technology requirements must be met by all speakers in order to present at the conference. They are as follows:
1. Internet speed: speakers should ensure that they have a minimum internet speed of 1.5 Megabits per second for the entire duration of their presentation. Posted speeds by an internet service provider may not be as fast as advertised. Speakers should test their actual internet speed using an internet speed test (available free of charge from several different websites).
2. Network availability: speakers should ensure that they are the only user on their network (if using
Wi-Fi), so that their network speed is not compromised.
3. Device used: in order to have the ability to properly control volume, speakers should ensure that they deliver their presentation on a laptop or desktop computer – not a tablet.
4. Webcam: the recommended webcam resolution is between 720 and 1080 pixels.
5. Microphone: the recommended frequency response is between 20 Hz and 18 KHz.

Note: Presentations are not sales pitches or direct product/service promotion. ASQ Vancouver reserves the right to modify content. Speakers will be asked to participate in a brief dry run 1-2 weeks before the event so we can prevent any technical challenges during the event itself.

Thank you very much for considering ASQ Vancouver’s Quality & Business Excellence Conference 2021, and we can’t wait to hear from you!
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