Ron Sedlock’s 2023 Jan: ASQ Future Published Articles

Ron Sedlock (Jan 2023 ASQ Boulder Speaker; topic "System-Based Auditing")
will have ASQ publish the related article "System-Based Auditing"
Draft version is available free to all at
  • The time has come where audits must be value-added to our organization.
  • Audits can no longer be a necessary overhead as view by upper management.
  • Audits must go beyond the requirement of some regulatory and certification standards.
  • We must widen the scope and depth of our audits to the system-based level

Also Ron will have ASQ publish the following article "Being a Quality Professional"
Draft version is available free to all at
  • I am often asked what does it take to be a quality professional.
  • My answer varies depending on who is asking and what is their current situation.
  • I have decided to put together a list, or Rules of the Road, to a successful career as a quality professional.
  • Hope this helps on your journey.

News Boulder Section 01/19/2023 5:23pm CST


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