Training Coordinator, Colorado Local Technical Assistance Program, Fort Collins, CO

Company: Colorado Local Technical Assistance Program Front Range Community College, 4616 S. Shields St., Ft. Collins, CO 
  • Colorado Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) is one of 52 centers nationally tasked by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to foster a safe, efficient, and environmentally sound surface transportation system by improving skills and increasing knowledge of the transportation workforce and decision makers. 
Title: LTAP Training Coordinator
Job ID: 1202847
Job Type: Full-time
Salary: Low $40s/annually
Location: Fort Collins, CO
Selection Process: Position will remain open until filled with a priority deadline of November 29, 2020
Summary Description:
The Training Coordinator, is responsible for managing the development and delivery of the transportation training program of FRCC’s LTAP grant project.
Key areas of responsibility include: 
  • Collaborating with the LTAP Center Director and FRCC staff; 
  • Contracting instructors and training locations throughout Colorado; 
  • Training course and program evaluation, continuous improvement, financial management, administration, and programmatic reporting; 
  • Utilization of program specific learning management, data collection, and reporting systems; 
  • Consultation and collaboration with key faculty, staff, and external transportation agency representatives; 
  • Oversight of all training program-related activity to ensure compliance with the federal and state grant project
Primary Duties:
Execute the responsibilities of the LTAP Transportation Training Program, including but not limited to: 
  • Attend and facilitate LTAP’s off-campus/statewide workshops; managing the program’s certificate training programs.
  • Develop and monitor work scope and training budget.
  • Coordinate event planning and outreach activities: contracting with instructors; securing event locations; obtaining and delivering training equipment, materials and supplies; monitoring and updating course registration; and developing and distributing marketing and promotional material.
  • Facilitate training development with assistance from subject matter experts, representatives of the LTAP Advisory Board, and program sponsors.
  • Coordinate with the program’s database vendor for successful development, implementation, and updates of LTAP’s learning management, data collection, and reporting system.
  • Monitor LTAP training program related expenditures, manage accounts payables and receivables, and collaborate with FRCC fiscal department staff and LTAP’s FRCC Department manager to meet fiscal reporting requirements and ensure accountability for all grant funds.
  • Bachelor’s degree English, Communication, Transportation, or related field Or 4 years of experience with knowledge of the principles and methods in transportation, public works or related industry.
  • Fluent communication and interpersonal skills are crucial.
  • Effective writing and public presentation skills.
  • Skilled at building partnerships and collaborative ventures.
Detail Information and To Apply:
see LTAP Training Coordinator, Colorado LTAP
Also Contact: Renée Railsback, LTAP Director
- Mobile: 720-616-8982
- Email: 
- Subject: Job: LTAP Training Coordinator
News Boulder Section 11/19/2020 7:06am CST


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