ASQ Boulder Leadership 2021 Nominations

ASQ Boulder Section is accepting 2021 year Leadership Committee Nominations

According to ASQ bylaws Section Leadership Committee (SLC) consisting of the following required elected officers: Chair, Secretary and Treasurer 
The SLC also has following required appointed committee chairs: Vice-Chair, Audit, Membership, and Nominating. 
Other SLC optional positions include: Vice-Chair, Internet Liaison, Newsletter, Education, Public Relations, etc.
The Section Leadership Committee has management and oversight of the operation of the Section and its relations with the Society. 
Elected officers of the Section must be voting members of the Society in good standing.

If you or someone you know is interested in these positions
  • Chairperson, ASQ Membership required
  • Vice-Chair, ASQ Member required
  • Secretary, ASQ Member required
  • Treasurer, ASQ Member required
  • Financial Auditor, ASQ Member required
  • Membership, ASQ Member required
  • Nominating, ASQ Member required
  • Internet Liaison,, ASQ Member optional
  • Newsletter editor, ASQ Member optional
  • Education ASQ Member optional
  • Public Relations ASQ Member optional
  • Voice of the Customer ASQ Member optional
  • General Leader ASQ Member optional
Please contact at least one of the following, include interested person name, position and ASQ membership status DONE
Posted by Arnold Miller on Oct 4, 2020 4:42 PM America/Chicago


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