3 ASU Students Awarded The 2022-2023 Ted Thal ASQ Scholarship

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The ASQ Phoenix Section is happy to announce that 3 ASU students have been awarded the Ted Thal ASQ-ASU Scholarship for 2022-2023.

Every year, an ASQ scholarship is awarded through the ASU Foundation. This scholarship is funded by the Ted Thal Endowment. The ASU Foundation manages the Ted Thal Endowment and provides an annual report on the funding. Ted Thal was a significant contributor to the establishment of Quality Assurance programs at the college level ín Maricopa County. Because of his contributions, a scholarship honoring these contributions has been established by the Phoeníx Section of the American Society for Quality. The Endowment information is:
  • Ted Thal American Society for Quality - Valley of the Sun Phoenix Section 0704 – 40001650
The scholarship criteria are as follows:
  • Undergraduate or Graduate
  • Full time
  • 3.25 GPA or better
  • All academic plans

The three 2022-2023 winners are:
  • Bo Manuszak
  • David Caceras
  • Jonathan Ahwan
As you read through their attached "Thank-you" letters, you will see how important the Section's scholarship donation is to their education at ASU.
News Phoenix Section, Valley of the Sun 09/28/2022 5:17pm CDT


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