ASQ Phoenix Section Chair's Message - July 2022

Chair’s Message - July 2022
by Robert ‘QualityBob’ Mitchell

Greetings fellow ASQ Phoenix Section members! The entire ASQ Phoenix Section Leadership Team (SLT) wishes you and your family & friends a safe and festive Independence Day on July 4. I am reminded of the preamble to the US Constitution:
“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Our system of self-government – a Constitutional Republic – has been referred to as the Great Experiment. The USA has a long history and a strong, vibrant culture of innovation. The U.S. patent system goes back to the very dawn of our nation. It is detailed in the Constitution, enabling Congress to grant inventors the exclusive right to their discoveries for a specific period of time. It is an assurance designed to motivate inventors to keep innovating.

July 14 Monthly Program (6:00pm-8:00pm MST)
Presenter: Peter Merrill, ISO-56001 Innovation Management
Topic: Quality for Tomorrow - The Synergy of Innovation Management with Quality Management

Our Program meeting this month (July 14) features Mr. Peter Merrill as our guest speaker. Peter is the President of Quest Management, is a founding chair of the ASQ Innovation Division, and is an incoming member of the ASQ Board of Directors. Peter is Project Lead for the new ISO-56001 standard on Innovation Management. Peter’s presentation on July 14 will discuss the synergy of Innovation Management and Quality Management Systems.
For additional details, and to register for the July 14 Program, please refer to the Program Details elsewhere in the Sun Dial newsletter, or on our myASQ Events page (

Phoenix Section Recruitment Challenge
Invite your peers, colleagues, and managers. The ASQ Phoenix Section member who sponsors the most Section nonmembers that attend our Program meetings (always free of charge) between April and December 2022, will win a $150 gift card at the end of the year - plus an additional $5 per nonmember that joins ASQ and the Phoenix Section. Invite them to network with other quality professionals, hear dynamic guest speakers present on topics of interest to the Quality community, and earn RUs to recertify one’s ASQ professional certifications. Encourage them to join the Phoenix Section to receive the Sun Dial newsletter filled with links to useful information, educational & training opportunities, mini papers and case studies; and participate in online Discussions on our myASQ website.

New ASQ Mentoring Program
ASQ is excited to bring you an opportunity to participate in its new NexGen Mentoring Program. ASQ is preparing to launch its next group for the 3rd pilot program. Join us to gain valuable professional development insights, as well as help ASQ develop a much-anticipated new member benefit. The program is designed to match a group of mentees to mentors who will meet once a month for approximately 60 minutes over the course of six months.

ASQ is looking for both mentors and mentees. The program will cover:
  • Career Development
  • Professional Relationship Building and Networking
  • Communication Skills
  • Professional Conflict Resolution
  • Leading a Team
Applications are due July 31st with an anticipated beginning date of September 1.
To Apply:

As always, the Phoenix Section Leadership welcomes your input to improve the Section member experience. Please let us know how/where we can improve our operations and products & services. Feel free to contact the Section Leadership Team (SLT) at

“Stay healthy, Stay connected, and Seek continual improvement”


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