Recommended By QualityBob: Process Behavior Charts - June 14

I highly recommend this MN ASQ Section Program on the use of "Process Behavior Charts".

Date and Time
Tuesday, June/ 14 /2022
6:30 pm CDT - 8:00 pm CDT


About the Presentation
The Quality Gurus Shewhart, Deming, Juran, and Wheeler all endorsed the use of Statistical Quality Control Charts. Dr. Donald Wheeler has gone a step further renaming them Process Behavior Charts to bring statistical process control charts to the attention of businesspeople to use to improve their decision-making.
Mike Mercer will briefly discuss the theory of control charts introducing the concept of common cause vs special cause variation. Mike will then illustrate how businesspeople use tables, stop light reports, and dashboards to make two-point comparisons as their [incorrect] key performance indicators. Mike will present a typical stop light report, i.e., a report that highlights bad results in red, concerning results in yellow, and outstanding results in green for a sales organization. Typically, there are questions about what happened from the top manager.
Mike will then show the same results from the dashboard but use process behavior control charts to show that no special cause codes are in the current dataset. The proper interpretation of the dashboard is that the individual business processes are all performing in a predictable manner and that all the effort that went into investigating the reasons for the red two-point % difference comparisons was a colossal waste of valuable time and effort.

Mike will then demonstrate the PBCharts Excel Add-In to show how he made the business process dashboard.

For more information:
News Phoenix Section, Valley of the Sun 06/06/2022 2:38pm CDT


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