Free Minitab Webinar- Introducing Graph Builder: Visualizations Built to Move You Forward

Wednesday, July 14
9:00am - 9:30am MST

They say seeing is believing. Visualizations have the power to persuade, communicate your findings, and show off your achievements, but creating the right one can take quite a bit of time and energy—until now.

Meet Graph Builder, our new tool to instantly visualize, create, and explore your insights.

With its interactive and easy-to-browse gallery, Graph Builder lets you seamlessly switch from one graph to the next using the same data and without re-running your analysis, so you can focus on choosing the right visual for your needs.

Ready to see Graph Builder in action? Join our webinar presented by Minitab Expert Jenn Atlas, Global Market Development Manager, as she showcases Graph Builder's capabilities in the latest release of Minitab Statistical Software with a few exciting and inspiring use cases.

Don't wait! Register now to see Graph Builder in action, hear inspiring use cases, and witness its full capabilities:

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