Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

by Denise Clements

Our new section leadership team begins in earnest now after completing our election process last fall. I’d like to acknowledge the efforts of each of our leadership team members, both last year and this year, for their efforts and commitment to our local ASQ section. We continue to operate solely on volunteer support, and it is absolutely critical that our members remain engaged. I encourage each of our members to consider stepping up to contribute to our ASQ section in the coming year!

We have skilled and committed leadership volunteers, but the future success of the section relies upon our ability to broaden our leadership pool and integrate newer members. There are also ways to contribute and become involved without committing to an official leadership role. Please reach out if you are interested in opportunities to pitch in. It is truly rewarding and a great way to expand one’s professional network.

As the new Columbia Basin ASQ Chair, I hope to support you with some learning and collaboration opportunities throughout this year. We will have monthly meetings (some remote and some in-person with the remote option available). As we start this New Year, let’s all choose to use our quality conscience (do the right thing) at work and in our daily lives. This aligns with our first monthly meeting on January 25th, which I will be presenting. We will discuss “Who Owns Quality,” and how using your quality conscience plays a big part in answering this question. I invite you to join me for the presentation, examples, and discussion on who owns quality and some examples of how to help others who may not think they own quality, understand that they do.

If you’d like to know a little more about me and my background, check my bio on the meeting flyer. I started my career as an engineer, then moved into other related fields. I’ve been with AECOM for 23 years now, currently serving as Vice President Quality Director of the Americas Region (U.S., Canada, and Latin America). My passion is delivering a quality program to our internal clients in a manner that is effective and efficient so they can deliver excellence to our external clients. We (or I) implement a Servant Leadership philosophy so that the quality team is not seen as “cops,” but instead as a resource to our Project Managers and project teams.

I look forward to a great new year and hope you all will join us!


News Columbia Basin Section 01/03/2023 3:43pm CST


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