ASQ Montreal - Leveraging Continuous Improvement With AI - Webinar And Networking (2021-05-26) 1904

ASQ Montreal - Leveraging Continuous Improvement With AI - Webinar And Networking (2021-05-26)


9c9f57a7618fc16584d0924af6e273ca-huge-roLeveraging Continuous Improvement with AI
L'IA comme levier pour l'amélioration continue (Webinar en anglais)

The business world is being transformed with new technologies.
Are they going to solve all the problems?
Join us to learn more.

May 26 Mai 19:00

Networking opportunity starts at 18h30 - Conference starts at 19h00

This conference will address the rapidly changing business world, moving in the direction of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning, etc. While these new digital approaches are meant to improve, streamline, and standardize business processes, many organizations do not realize that these approaches do not fix a “broken” business process. Instead, these digital approaches will show how broken a process is faster than using the manual method. The best practice is to fix the broken processes, standardize them, and then use them digitally. This conference will provide a business perspective on leveraging Continuous Improvement with AI.

Lauren Hisey helps business owners and leaders uncover and solve their business problems. She is not your typical consultant or coach. She uses a calming influence, Continuous Improvement, and Lean Six Sigma through regular conversations to help create effective change within any business. As an expert in Lean Six Sigma, Lauren helps businesses to improve profitability and culture to drive sustainable growth. She has spent 14 years living and breathing Lean Six Sigma and Continuous Improvement as a coach, consultant, trainer, and speaker with different sizes businesses, universities, podcasts, and various networking associations. She has a passion for Continuous Improvement and loves to show others how to use it effectively in their businesses.

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