PDXtra! Letter From The Chair

We are starting 2021 focusing on Leadership because as we transition out of a pandemic, we still find ourselves challenged by future events; we will need new Leaders in Quality.  ASQ has turned to Quality 4.0 as the future of quality and organizational excellence within the context of Industry 4.0.  We know Quality professionals can play a vital role in leading organizations to apply proven quality disciplines to new, digital, and disruptive technologies. But how do we teach that engineer, scientist, or quality manager to be a transformable leader in the organization? 
We need to ask for help from someone outside the quality discipline - we ask someone that clearly understands what it takes to lead people.  That's who we have found for our January speaker. Kelly Townsend's session will not be like any of the sessions we have provided before.  She will help guide, challenge current mental models and evolve a new way of thinking. Kelly is giving away a seat in her next development workshops to a lucky Portland 607 member participant.  I am excited we have Kelly as our leading speaker for our 2021 Development Session line up; please plan to attend and invite others!
Portland's new Leadership Team; welcome Susan and Steve! We thank Shawn Armstrong for his work on the leadership team.  Shawn's VOC work and technical support in 2020 really helped keep the Portland section rolling. Thank you Shawn for your service, we will miss you. Stepping up as the new VOC chair is Susan Knowles-Berry. So happy Susan joined the team as she brings a vast knowledge of ASQ, she is a great asset to the team.  Please welcome Steve Sudborough as our new membership chair. Steve will revive the membership role that welcomes new Portland 607 section members. We are happy to get this vital role started again - thank you Steve!  As noted below, many of us are filling multiple roles to keep the Portland section open and operating. 2021 is a great year to volunteer - please consider joining the Leadership Team.
Make a New Year's Resolution to Serve
Please plan to attend the Oregon Development Sessions and contact me to participate in volunteering on the Leadership Team. 
Take care and be safe
Shauna Wilson
OR Section Chair
News Portland Section 01/20/2020 10:13am CST


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