Message From Section Chair

Dear Members:
Welcome valued members to a new year with your Saskatchewan Section of ASQ.  Your member leaders reconvened in a meeting last week to start planning activities for 2020.  A few highlights from that meeting include:
  • Website – Starting this year, ASQ Saskatchewan’s website will migrate to the MyASQ geographic community platform and it is expected to run through MyASQ site, mid-March 2020. If you haven’t already done so, please visit MyASQ ( to get acquainted with the site and register for your MyASQ account.  
  • Events – We have set aside monthly webinars for all members to take advantage of.  The Saskatchewan section is planning on using these webinars to host a few events this year where we can watch them together and then have time for networking and discussion.  Furthermore, we are also planning on arranging a few casual come and go coffee meetings where you may view the webinar in advance and then join us to unpack the topic over coffee or cocktails.  The schedule of webinars is provided below.  Please stay tuned for more details on the times and dates we are planning on meeting.
Month Topics
March EQMS (or OrgEx)
April OrgEx & Leadership (or EQMS)
May Risk Management
June Data Quality
July Auditing
August Innovation
September Supply Chain
October Quality 4.0
November Quality Project Management
We look forward to working with you this year to further developed our network of quality professionals in Saskatchewan.
Best regards,
(Chair, ASQ Saskatchewan Section 0414)
News Saskatchewan Section 02/25/2020