A Message from the GC Council


Dear ASQ Member Leaders,

Hope you are well!

We are halfway through 2021; the first part of the year has been a unifying time for us as the GCC, regardless of its challenges. As the measures related to the pandemic are eased, our communities will have the chance to meet in-person again and organize activities that will bring members together in the candid atmosphere we all know. We are very excited to be able to provide additional value to our members post-pandemic.

At this time, let me share with you some of the good work completed by the Geographic Communities Council. In addition to the regular tasks of overseeing their region centers and routine GCC matters, the thirteen Region Directors have been very busy with the following:

  1. We set the long-term Strategic Plan for GCC (2021-2023), with 4 vital themes that align with ASQ Strategic Goals, and drafted KPIs to monitor and drive our performance. (Refer to the attached "GCC Strategic Plan 2021-2023 roll-out" to know how to align your section's 2022 plans). The Member Units Business & Budget Plan template has been adjusted accordingly.
  2. We developed a mind map for the Value that we provide to members. A wonderful group of Member Leaders did a cross-regional SWOT analysis as input to our Strategic Plan. We thank all participants, especially Leigh Ann Schildmeier, Ruth Stanley and C.G. Mistry!
  3. We organized the GCC Spring virtual meeting, which was attended by 102 Member Leaders; as well as a joint TCC/GCC Spring meeting, attended by 164.
  4. Four of our RDs are currently serving on the NextGen Strategic Committee.
  5. We have completed the review of all Student Branch procedures and Member Leader positions; we do hope that they will be published soon as part of a positions toolkit. Special thanks to Therese Steiner, David Levy, and Jim Kittredge!
  6. On the Member Leader development side, there were several new training sessions organized this year to support key matters such as: member engagement, business and budget planning, succession planning etc. We thank Karen Maskell for leading this effort!
  7. We are focusing on providing regional support to Student Branches.
  8. Our GCC committees have been redesigned to support delivery of our strategic goals; to improve year after year, and provide more opportunities for Member Leaders to contribute. More information about these committees will be shared in our next communication.
  9. One of the expanded efforts we've seen is the Fellows Focus Group engagement; we thank Don Brecken for Chairing the Group!
  10. We did have a presence at the WCQI exhibition hall. Big thanks to the RDs who helped man the booth; Michael Kirchner, Vijai Venkata, Therese Steiner, Edwin Garro.
  11. At our June Business Meeting we had the chance to speak to our Society Chair, Janet Raddatz, who shared with us an update on Society plans. What an insightful session!
What we have forthcoming for the second half of 2022:
  • We are focusing on providing additional Regional support to Student Branches; and ensuring implementation of our new structure, where Student Branches report to Region Centers (they can still collaborate with sections if that works best for them)
  • Conduct another successful election process
  • Support Sections to streamline the business planning process where needed
  • Focus on succession planning
  • Spotlight recognition
  • Ruminate on lessons learned
  • Identify which projects would help us focus more efficiently on the core of our scope, support member leaders, and provide value to members
  • Conduct a face-to-face GCC meeting
  • Conduct a TCC/GCC joint Fall meeting
  • Conduct a GCC all-member-leader virtual meeting

Regarding the business and budget plans due date: the new date, Septmeber 1, was suggested by the GCC Financial Officer, discussed, and agreed upon within the Council; taking into consideration previous challenges, and our responsibility as the GCC to ensure that plans are rolled out in a proper way, from Sections to Regions. This has been a very challenging task and a discussion item over several years.

The Council's intention is to make certain enough time is given to all concerned, to provide timely input into the process; specifically for RDs to approve draft plans, and work with sections on iteration, if needed. We understand this is a demanding undertaking, and did consider the challenge when discussing migrating the date to September 1. Let us all try to meet this deadline for the draft submission; we can reevaluate in due course, if needed.

What makes the beauty of GCC is the diversity among its members; it is the uniqueness of each of its regions, it is the passion, commitment and dedication of each of the Member Leaders. We cannot thank you enough for your services to the Society.
Nancy Nouaimeh

News Saskatchewan Section 06/29/2021 5:27pm CDT


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