Delaware ASQ Webinar 2/23/23 "Communication Skills For Quality Professionals" With Lesley Worthington

Why do we need to be able to have "Quality Conversations"? What are the benefits of having a Culture of Quality?

Join Lesley Worthington, JD, BSC to learn:
- How various types of workers think about Quality
- How to influence others to buy into the idea of Quality as a mindset
- How to break down resistance
- How to get a commitment to Quality

Lesley combines 20 years of quality and regulatory experience in medical devices, in Canada, with thousands of hours of teaching to provide her clients with the skills, techniques, insights, and mindset that raise their confidence, take their communication skills to the next level, and allow them to have a positive impact on their organizations.

This is a free webinar open to everyone.

Link to register:
News Philadelphia Section 505 01/17/2023 7:10am CST


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