Call for Volunteers for Nominating Committee

It’s that time again! Philadelphia ASQ is looking for volunteers to serve on the Nominating Committee (NomCom) for the election of 2022 officers, including Chair-Elect, Treasurer, and Secretary.

The NomCom collects a slate of candidates to fill these required positions and presents it to the Section Leadership Committee in September. The NomCom will have to draft a call for nominations and send it to the entire membership via MailChimp in August. They need to have the slate ready by August 31st to give the committee time to present it to the SLC.

Elected officers must be voting (full/professional) members in good standing. Each term is one year, and elected officers may only serve 2 consecutive terms.

Elections will take place in October - November. We need to report the results along with our 2022 budget and business plan to ASQ in December.

Candidates are prohibited from campaigning in any way, nor can other members campaign for them.

Please let me know right away if you are willing to serve on the NomCom. The Section Election Guide is available in the Member Leader Community on myASQ under the Resources tab if you need more information.

Janet Lentz
News Philadelphia Section 505 07/29/2021 4:52pm CDT


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