Webinar - Strategy Management with a Strategy Map and its Balanced Scorecard

Is your organization successfully executing its strategy?
Does everyone understand the executive team’s strategy?
Are you measuring and monitoring the correct KPIs?
Is your annual budget disconnected from your strategy?

This talk will cover:
  • How strategy maps and their companion balanced scorecards communicate strategic objectives with target-setting to help cross-functional employee teams align their behavior to the strategy and better collaborate.
  • How to design a strategy map and identify the strategy’s required projects or core process improvements which lead to selecting KPIs.
  • How to differentiate strategic KPIs from operational performance indicators which cascade downward from the strategic KPIs.
  • How to deploy a “quick start” implementation in two days to iteratively expand to a balanced scorecard production system in a few weeks.
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News Wichita Section 05/14/2020 10:00am CDT


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