October 2022 Section Meeting

Join us on Tuesday, October 18th, when Lynn Seery will present a look at the lighter side of quality through Mr. Pareto Head.

Note: this is a free event, but registration is required. To register, click the "Going" link on the my.asq page. Registration will be limited to 30 attendees.

From Mr. Seery:
For many years, the first item I read in Quality Progress was Mr. Pareto Head.

The presentation will cover a history of Mr. P, the characters in the “comic” strip, and the humor & wit of the cartoons.

Through my many years of teaching Quality classes, I would present the cartoons to my classes and found that many times; I was the only one laughing.
I found that the more you know about quality the funnier or cornier the cartoons were.

I will present some of my favorites and we will discuss the basis for the humor.

For more details or to register,
News Dayton Section 09/16/2022 2:29pm CDT


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