Course Description: ABSTRACT: AIAG-VDA Process FMEA

Course Description: ABSTRACT: AIAG-VDA Process FMEA
As you may know that the FMEA has been revised and the new version (1st edition, as the older one is obsolete) released in June 2019. This version has been jointly developed by AIAG and VDA, therefore fulfills the requirements of AIAG and VDA members and those customers who specify it as a part of customer specific requirements.
There has been a change from the earlier version in terms of fulfilling the intent of FMEA. There are a lot of new columns that have been added to the form. While it may appear complex but once understood, it is a very logical flow of understanding and addressing the risks in a very effective manner. It requires upfront investment of time but it is worth it since it requires deeper reflection of the understanding of the process (for PFMEA). An effective upfront work would prevent the significant potential issues in the future. Another significant change is the elimination of RPN from the system and the actions are expected based on the combination of severity, occurrence and detection. The tables for severity, occurrence and detection have been revised with the option of creating business specific examples to determine the scores.
This 2.5 hour workshop would be hands on event with real problems that you would bring with you, so that you can relate to the new FMEA.
If you have any questions about the course, please feel free to contact the Instructors.
If you want to register for the training, please contact Jit Gupta, Director ASQ Chicago Training Institute, Emil:; Ph. 847-346-2427

Arvind Srivastava is the Director QMS at Delphi Technologies. Prior to joining Delphi, he worked as Corporate Master Black Belt/IE at Accuride Corporation, and a quality system and process improvement consultant, and supply chain professional at multiple organizations across various industries in the US and India. Arvind is the co-author of Lean Management: 50-50-20 (translated in multiple languages) and Stat-Free Six Sigma books. He is a member of U.S. TAG to ISO/TC 176 (responsible for ISO 9001 standard). Arvind is the Director of ASQ Chicago Section and teaches at its Training Institute. He was a member of AIAG Core Tools Software development team and validation testing of AIAG-VDA FMEA. He is passionate about improvements in effectiveness and efficiency; reading and spreading knowledge. He holds BS (ME) from IIT Roorkee (India), MS (IE) from NITIE Mumbai (India), and MBA from Benedictine University, Lisle, IL. Arvind is a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt (Accelper Consulting), IATF Lead Auditor (Exemplar Global) and Quality Auditor (ASQ). Arvind can be reached at
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