ASQ RRD Webinar: Fault-Tree-Based Systems Failure Analysis


On Thursday, Feb 9 2023, Joseph Berk presented:

ASQ RRD Webinar: Fault-Tree-Based Systems Failure Analysis

Fault tree analysis, originally developed in the late 1950s to prevent an inadvertent nuclear missile launch, is an effective tool for identifying systems failure root causes.

Unlike brainstorming, 5-Whys, FMEA, Ishikawa diagrams, 8D, mind mapping, and other simplistic techniques, fault tree analysis drills down deeper.

It identifies component and subsystem interactions, environmental effects, human error, tolerancing, statistical interactions, specification errors, process capability, and other subtle potential failure causes (as well as combinations of these factors).

It is an effective tool for finding causes of recurring failures often thought to have been addressed by other analysis techniques.

This webinar, presented by the author of Systems Failure Analysis (published by ASM International), explains fault tree analysis application in the root cause identification process and presents real world examples of often-unrecognized systems failure causes.

News Reliability and Risk Division 03/02/2023 5:42pm CST


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