Recording: ASQ RRD Webinar: Case Study – Pellet Conveyor Failure


On Thursday, Jan 12 2023, Kaushal Kumar Singh

Presented ASQ RRD Webinar: Case Study – Pellet Conveyor Failure

Case Study of Pellet Pipe Conveyor Belt (ST1800) Frequent Failure Kaushal Kumar Singh1 OSSTG, Tata Steel Limited, Jamshedpur, India1

Abstract: This case study on a pipe conveyor steel cord belt. Pipe conveyor receives pellet directly from pellet plant or from reclaim circuit from storage yard and feeds it to intermediate storage bin (ISB) through a set of conveyors.

From ISB, pellets are transported to different blast furnaces according to the requirement.

The complete conveyor circuit is designed to feed pellet at 1650 TPH to ISB. Conveyor was installed and commissioned in year 2012.

The belt speed is 2.2 m/s and nominal pipe diameter is 450 mm (Return and carrying side).

Belt is driven by 600 kW, 1490 rpm AC Motor with VVVF drive

News Reliability and Risk Division 02/05/2023 3:15pm CST


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