NEW HCD Member Leader opportunity!

We are looking for Member Leaders (a.k.a. volunteers) for the following positions:

Chair, Membership Committee: This committee is responsible for determining how to create and bring value to HCD membership.

Committee Members for these HCD Committees:

Marketing -This committee is responsible for exploring opportunities to market HCD within and outside of ASQ through different avenues, including the social media,
prepare e-blasts, prepare marketing materials, coordinate with the Website and Newsletter committees to communicate with members, etc.

Membership - This committee along with the Voice of the Customer Chair determines how best to serve and engage the HCD members to bring value to their membership.

Newsletter -This committee is responsible for publishing news and articles relevant to the HCD membership.

Webinar - This committee plans and implements webinars for the HCD membership independently or in collaboration with other divisions or organizations.

Website - This committee is responsible for maintaining the HCD’s MyASQ website by keeping the site current, including posting articles and discussions.

If interested, please contact Rowena Sano (HCD Chair) at
News Healthcare Division 03/06/2023 10:25am CST


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