2021 ASQE Insight on Excellence Executive Brief

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ASQ is excited to share exciting news on behalf of ASQExcellence: the launch of the 2021 ASQE Insights on Excellence Executive Brief.
In 2017, when ASQ published “The Rising Economic Power of Quality” research report, the global economy was finally climbing out of the 10-year great recession but had yet to face the immediate need for complete digital transformation that the 2020 pandemic demanded. Now, as ASQE builds upon this research in 2021 with the publication of their second Insights on Excellence Executive Brief, they see that the challenges faced by organizations in the aftermath of the pandemic have changed significantly from those seen in 2017-2020—the data in the reports clearly shows that implemented solutions suddenly need change and fresh perspective.
In this Executive Brief, ASQE examines how quality initiatives are progressing in the digital era, based on the views and experiences of 542 executives and quality professionals from global enterprises. As technologies—and entire industries—rapidly adapt and change with the times, understanding the extent of reprioritization that organizations need to make to address extreme circumstances faced in 2021 is crucial to this pursuit of consistent, superior, quality-driven performance.
In a continued effort to align ASQE with ASQ and our Technical Community Council subject matter experts, the brief features insights from the current Chair of ASQE’s Board of Directors, the Chair of an ASQ Technical Community, and a primary contact of an ASQE Organizational Member company.
In support of ASQE’s mission, the report is free to ASQ and ASQE members. To obtain your free copy, log into ASQ.org and download the report.
We hope you find this annual Executive Brief an interesting exploration of ASQE's year-over-year Insights on Excellence data and valued thought leadership in the quality community!

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