Healthcare Quality Week (10/17/21 - 10/23/21)

NAHQ sponsors a Healthcare quality week with events everyday! Healthcare Quality Week 2021 - National Association for Healthcare Quality (
Take the time to recognize your employees and other healthcare professionals for all they do and have done over this past year (or two - it's been a blur). Just think about what we have accomplished!! If you start listing all the positive contributions that have been made to your organization and to the community...Amazing!!
  • COVID testing
  • COVID vaccines
  • Coping with supplier issues
  • Coping with staffing issues
  • Caring for family and friends
  • Maintaining care for non-COVID patients
  • Meeting regulatory and accreditation requirements
  • Sustaining normal operations in an unusual time
Please share some of your accomplishments or stories highlighting positive contributions during this past 1-2 years.
News Healthcare Division 10/17/2021 7:33pm CDT


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