ASQ Automotive Division Sponsorship Opprotunity for FIRST FRC teams - Due by 12/1/22

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Contest: Sponsorship for First Teams 2022.

The ASQ Automotive Division is pleased to announce that we will be awarding $1000 sponsorships to the two FRC teams that win the ASQ Automotive Division FIRST Contest. To apply for this contest please send an essay (with pictures) or video that includes the following:

1. Detail your FIRST team most exciting, challenging problem your team overcame and how you did this. What did you do to contain the problem? What did you do to figure out the root cause? What was you permanent corrective action?
2. Detail how you recruit members and mentors to your team and how you build the teams skills. How do you recruit new members? Do you have a list of jobs and tasks that need to be done? How do you train? How do you keep your team members excited to be a part of your team?
3. Detail how you teach lessons learned from past years, so you don’t make the same mistakes.
Please include evidence of your practices.
Contest entries are due on 12/1/22.
To submit your entry, please fill out and send your video or essay to

Winning teams agree to announce that they won the ASQ Automotive Division Competition, and to post the submission and ASQ logo on the team’s media page (website/facebook/Instagram/utube). And also, to have logo on winning team’s robot.
To find out more about ASQ, please visit
To find out more about ASQ Automotive Division visit
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