Call For ASQ Automotive Division Quality Professional Of The Year And Quality Leader Of The Year - Due By September 25th 2022

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Quality Professional of the Year

The Quality Professional of the Year Award has been established to recognize individuals in the automotive industry who have made significant contributions in the following areas:
• Leadership or managerial skills in implementing continuous improvement in quality;
• Services provided to the community toward furthering the understanding of quality systems and techniques;
• Support and encouragement of new and innovative ideas leading to the never-ending pursuit of excellence;
• Demonstration of a high regard for team benefits and results.

Quality Leader of the Year

The Quality Leader of the Year Award was established to acknowledge and publicly recognize those leaders in the automotive industry, outside of the quality profession, who exemplify a commitment to the principles and disciplines of quality.
A quality leader may be described in a number ways, although certain key words come up frequently in trying to pin down a description. Those key words are: vision, customer-focused, quality philosophy and continuous improvement. A leader in the automotive industry may be described as one who has consistently demonstrated the vision to encourage and to universally apply a customer-focused code in every aspect of business.

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