Wanted: ASQ Automotive Company Liaison Officer

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This is an awesome way to network within your company and demonstrate and develop your leadership skills!! If you are interested please contact Kush Shah, Chair Elect asq.automotive@gmail.com

Purpose: Build and maintain mutually beneficial strong relationship between ASQ Automotive Division and automotive OEMs / Suppliers globally

Roles & Responsibilities:
Act as a single point contact between ASQ Automotive Division and the company
Facilitate meetings such as Lunch and Learn to engage employees
Network across all facilities and functions within the company
Communicate ASQ events / resources to internal distribution
Communicate how ASQ Automotive Division can assist the company

Self-motivated with a willingness to take initiative
Capability to influence others
Excellent communication skills
Ability to establish and nurture relationships between organizations

News Automotive Division 02/20/2022 10:33pm CST


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