Automotive Division Rep for the ASQ Standards Committee Needed


Divisions have been actively involved with the development of ASQ's quality standards since the early years.

ASQ Divisions are a source of new ideas for quality standards. Their members serve as the technical experts of ASQ and are aware of trends and practices that indicate where and when a standard might be needed. Through their representatives, ASQ Divisions bring their ideas to the attention of the ASQ Standards Committee.

The ASQ Standards Committee is comprised of representatives from ASQ Divisions and self-nominated general interest members. The Committee discusses ideas and determines the need for future standards. It also works with Divisions that develop new standards or reaffirm/revise existing standards. The ASQ Standards Committee follows the consensus process established by ANSI.

Please email if you would like to represent the ASQ Automotive Division on this committee.

News Automotive Division 02/20/2022 2:48pm CST


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