Sponsorship Contest for Michigan First Teams


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Contest:  Sponsorship for Michigan First Teams.


The ASQ Automotive Division is pleased to announce that we will be awarding $1000 sponsorships to the two FRC teams in Michigan that win the ASQ Automotive Division FIRST Contest.  To apply for this contest please send an essay or video that includes the following:


1. Detail how your FIRST team builds the capability of your team to learn and apply new skills in order to validate your design.  

2. Detail the different skills your team must possess and how you learn these new skills.  

3. Detail how you use the different software packages available to design, test and validate your robot.  

4. Detail how you recruit members and mentors to your team and how you build the teams skills and how you teach lessons learned from past years, so you don’t make the same mistakes.   

Please include evidence of your practices.

Contest entries are due on 2/28/2021.  Teams should have recieved email this week with more details.

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