ASQ LED May 2020 Webinar (on Wednesday, 13 May)

Presenter Beau Keyte
ASQ LED May 2020 Webinar Presenter Beau Keyte
Most of us are hard at work helping our organizations improve one project at a time. Sometimes big projects, sometimes small, and it seems as if there is no end to them. Are you overburdened and can’t see how this all can come together without everyone relying on your quality organization? Then listen in!
Scaling Change discusses a way for you to reduce the overburden by engaging others to help with not only improving their work but migrating the thinking and techniques to others with little assistance from you!
This webinar will challenge your thinking in how to best approach the formidable vision of improving an entire organization, how that changes your role, and a way to begin scaling quickly.  
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Presenter: Beau Keyte
Beau began his "lean" consulting career in the mid-80's in the automotive industry, transitioned to adapting lean techniques to service and administrative processes in 1992, and has since progressed from implementing tools and techniques to developing and teaching the kind of self-sufficient thinking that challenges work and management processes, improves organizational performance and alignment, and sustains culture change. He now spends most of his time creating new ways for organizations to engage, learn, grow, and succeed within strategic transformation efforts.
Posted by David Harry on Feb 10, 2020 2:11 PM America/Chicago