ASQ LED February 2020 "Special Edition" E-Zine Now Available

493502f17b1b28aa7ad827c2985eaafb-huge-neYou can find the latest February 2020 Special Edition edition of our LED e-Zine in the file Folder at 2020 Volume 4 Issue 1 e-Zine
This extra issue is dedicated to the article written by Dr. Gregory Watson in which he describes how thinking processes for planning and executing improvements
have evolved – blending Western and Japanese thinking into a comprehensive and coherent approach for improving quality. It dates back to the birth of modern economic
thinking of Adam Smith in his landmark book, The Wealth of Nations, to recent developments introduced by the Toyota Management System.
We are proud and thank Dr Watson and other contributors and editors of our most recent Lean Publication.
Posted by David Harry on Sep 10, 2019 8:36 PM America/Chicago