December 2022 Edition Of Our LED E-Zine (Newsletter) Available


You can find our latest LED newsletter, the December 2022 edition of our LED e-Zine (Newsletter) in the file Folder at 2022 Volume 6 Issue 3 e-Zine.

This edition of the ASQ LED e-Zine presents several articles that can aid us in conducing this structured assessment of our past year. Jerry Rosendahl and Jessica McBride give us the second installment in their description of how behavioral economics relates to change management and the difficulties of human considerations in making decisions to produce high value in organizations.

ASQ LED Chair Nick Vyas elevates the concept of agility in the design of supply chains and the need to distribute sources to assure that supply chains are not fragile when a global crisis, such as COVID, stresses the linkages in transportation networks and service hubs beyond their ability to maintain the stocking level required to meet global demand.

Finally, in the interview of Steve Farber, author of the books: The Radical Leap: A Personal Lesson in Extreme Leadership, The Radical Edge: Stoke Your Business, Amp Your Life, and Change the World, and Greater Than Yourself: The Ultimate Lesson in True Leadership. David Behling brought out the realization that all too often we confuse the title or position of an individual with the concept of leadership, while true leadership is about cultivating love or passion for the enterprise – stimulating people’s desire to contribute – which is the definition that Dr. Yoshio Kondo offered for “motivation” – leadership encourages – it does not force or threaten. In order for a leader to advance an organization into a viable future, that leader must see the future and know how their people can contribute collectively to bringing the vision into reality.

I also would like to welcome Raj Barath Mahalingam to our publications team. Raj is a graduate student at the University of Southern California – Marshall School of Business,
currently pursuing MS in Global Supply Chain Management. He did his undergrad in mechanical engineering, and he has over 5 years of work experience within the procurement
vertical of Caterpillar Inc, where he worked on both prime product procurement and after-market service parts procurement. Welcome to the team!

So, as we enter the New Year, shall we all consider the following resolution about our behavior at work: This year we will make better mistakes in the spirit of kaizen!

We encourage you to contribute and share our ASQ LED e-Zines. For details on submitting articles, please see the guidelines at the end of the e-Zine or contact Jayet Moon or Ekaterina Spiridonova using myASQ messaging.

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