April 2022 Edition Of Our LED E-Zine (Newsletter) Available

You can find our first newsletter of the year, the April 2022 edition of our LED e-Zine (Newsletter) in the file Folder at 2022 Volume 6 Issue 1 e-Zine. This is an exciting and very extensive issue with welcome note from our new Chair, Nick Vyas, and a great article by Christianna Hayes on the "The Shingo Model: Not Just Another Initiative; it’s a New Way of Thinking". We are also pleased to introduce our new e-Zine Editor, Jayet Moon. We also have an extensive featured article by Michael Page on “Root Cause Analysis (RCA) for the Whales (C-suite executives)”. Lastly, Sidsel Storaas commented in a book review on "If you could have only ONE book – this is the one" – and Sidsel is reviewing Juran's Quality Handbook. A must read!" What a great start to 2022 with a wonderful e-Zine for all our members.
We encourage you to contribute and share our ASQ LED e-Zines. For details on submitting articles, please see the guidelines at the end of the e-Zine or contact Jayet Moon or Ekaterina Spiridonova using myASQ messaging.
News Lean Enterprise Division 05/10/2022 2:38pm CDT


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