Meet Rosa Melton "Lean Where You Least Expect It" Webinar Part II on Weds, Nov 10th @1:00 PM EST

While it’s easy to visually observe and detail a manufacturing process, it is much more challenging in the “hidden” transactional and customer service processes that comprise a large segment of all businesses, in areas ranging from Accounting to Contract Review to Sales. This webinar, presented in a conversational Q&A format, will explore Lean in situations where you might least expect it. This will also include personal Lean best practices and ways to leverage Lean principles at work and home or even while out and about.
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Rosa Melton Professional Experience:
Rosa is the Continuous Improvement Leader at DC Fabricators, a supplier to the US Navy. She has spearheaded many CI initiatives and completed projects in support of the nation’s defense. Rosa has over 20 years of experience in a wide range of industries and professions, ranging from entrepreneur to real estate to sales. The key thread in all of her experience is a commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. A knowledgeable and engaging presenter, she spends much of her time coaching others through both project and leadership development.
Rosa has spoken at various conferences and hosted trainings to share her passion and knowledge of continuous improvement and personal development.
She is a member of ASQ and a volunteer at national conferences.

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