Don't Miss Dan Markovitz' for our Oct 13 LED Webinar!

ASQ LED is thrilled to host Dan Markovitz for our October 2021 webinar on Wednesday, 13 October at 12:00PM CDT (1:00PM EDT)
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Presentation Description: Organizations (and individuals) frequently struggle to make good decisions. They spend money, invest in new technology, and invest enormous amounts of time and effort reorganizing in fruitless efforts to solve thorny problems.
Why? Years of training and reinforcement in school and at work, time pressures and deadlines, and inherent psychological biases cause us to jump to conclusions before we even understand the problem we're attempting to solve.
Dan Markovitz is an acclaimed author, speaker, and consultant to organizations in US and Europe. He is a faculty member at the Lean Enterprise Institute and has taught at both the Stanford University Graduate School of Business and the Ohio State University's Fisher School of Business. He holds a Stanford MBA, and now splits his time between Marin County, CA and New York City.
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