Winter Issue of the Statistics Digest Now Available!


This issue (linked here) includes the following:
  • Feature by Neelam Nakadi: Fit a univariate distribution to the data using R --- ​​​Fitting a statistical distribution to the given data is a bit of an iterative process. When we know the distribution of a data set, we can set some expectations for characterizing a dataset before we actually apply a statistical model to the data. Examples of statistical distributions include Normal, Gamma, Weibull, Poisson etc. Various such distributions are tested against the data and the one which best fits the data is chosen for modeling.
  • Mini-paper by Willy Vandenbrande – Design of Experiments for Dummies --- Design of experiments is not as difficult as you may think. In most cases, you just want to know how the system, product or process will react if one factor is changed. Follow nine rules to ensure your conclusions are correct
  • Columns by Donald J. Wheeler, guest author Grant Reinman, and Jim Frost.

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