October 2020 Issue of the Statistics Digest Now Available!

Published 1

This issue includes the following:

  • Statistical Process Control Column by Donald J. Wheeler -The Problem of Risk Priority Numbers
  • Risk and Uncertainty Column by Guest Author, Grant Reinman—Uncertainty Quantification Using Bayesian Methods
  • Hypothesis Testing Column by Jim Frost -Understanding Significance Levels
  • Mini Paper by Maria Weese - Screening with Supersaturated Designs
  • Book Review by Elizabeth. J. Rice: “The Symphony of Profound Knowledge: W. Edwards Deming’s Score for Leading, Performing, and Living in Concert” Read it here now! (with link)
  • Screening with Supersaturated Designs

New Supersaturated design (SSD) construction methods have been the subject of recent research. However, the evidence that SSDs are used in practice is slim. Perhaps this is due to an unfamiliarity with the technique, or perhaps an unfamiliarity with appropriate analysis techniques for a supersaturated experiment. The purpose of this article is to introduce (or re-introduce) SSDs as an option for screening and provide some resources for those interested in adopting an SSD for screening.


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