New Video Available! June 23, 2020 ASQ Statistics Division Webinar - Designing High Impact Experiments

Shari Kraber of Stat-Ease, presented this popular webinar on June 23.  

This presentation introduces a simple but effective four-step DOE planning process that includes the evaluation of the power of the design to detect effects.  Knowing the power prior to running an experiment forces the quality professional to consider both the amount of change in the response and the level of inherent variation in the process.  This is particularly important when searching out small but very important effects on a noisy system.  After completing these and the other steps in the DOE process, experiments will be far more likely to choose a test plan that fits the problem.. While laying out this path, the presentation will provide modern design options that are more effective and efficient than traditional alternatives.

Check it out on our YouTube channel here!
Posted by Shoshana Bokelman on Jun 24, 2020 9:36 PM America/Chicago