Upcoming Webinar On Data Visualization


Data Visualization: They Can See Clearly Now

Jennifer Van Mullekom
1:00 – 2:30 pm EDT on July 22, 2022

Data visualization is all the buzz in statistics and data science. Everyone talks about the importance of presenting effective visualizations in publications and presentations. Decision makers have less and less time to consume more information. Teams and leaders across the chemical and process industries must be able to consume complex results quickly and easily in simple, clear displays. Yet, the “how to accomplish this” portion of the data visualization conversation is often missing from academic classes and professional training courses. It is important to note that this presentation is not a "chart chooser presentation". We won't be discussing when to use a bar chart or scatter plot. Rather, the key focus is the use of design principles to encode information so that it can be quickly and easily decoded. This presentation will provide an overview of the neuroscience behind the creation of effective visualizations, comparisons and contrasts between effective and ineffective graphics, and tips, tricks, and tools to make your visualizations better on a daily basis.

Zoom Meeting: https://virginiatech.zoom.us/j/89706079536?pwd=SXJydGlzclI4eXVtU0tCcjhiVHN2QT09

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