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ASQ Innovation TC 2022 Chair Mr. Larry Miller
2022 was a great year for the Innovation Technical Communication (TC) as it is the year that our Innovation Body of Knowledge (iBoK) Committee produced the manuscript that is to be published and canonized into the Innovation section of ASQ's Quality Body of Knowledge. Stewardship of the iBoK is our TC's fundamental duty and charge, and its publication represents many years of dedication and inspiration from generations of Innovation Technical Community member leadership.
2022 is also the year that our Innovation TC Education Committee produced a course of study to earn the Innovation Credential to formalize and qualify expertise in the iBoK. Additionally, we held firmly to our solid cadence of webinars, podcasts, and publications that, together with the iBoK and Innovation Credential created a cache of ASQ Innovation TC thought leadership which will inspire for generations to come.

As 2022 comes to a close and as my final message to the membership as the Innovation TC Chair, I invite you to join me to reflect on the ASQ Innovation TC 2022 year behind us, what it meant to us, and how we can continue to make the organization better and better.
I would also like to invite each of you to volunteer, get involved, and to help lead our Innovation journey forward. Reach out to our incoming Chairperson, Ms. Rebecca Mott, right away and strike up a conversation about how you can benefit the Innovation TC, and how it can benefit you and your professional career. Don't worry about reasons not to do it ... they are easy to come up with and are best ignored. Take the plunge and realize the many rewards that service and networking within ASQ offers.

Member leadership in ASQ is more than cranking out deliverables. This is not to minimize the fine products promulgated by the Innovation TC, as we have consistently produced excellent work, rather, it shines the light on a unique aspect of ASQ member value and is focused on HOW we deliver our great work products, as much as it is on the work products themselves. ASQ Innovation TC is a unique collaboration entity that adds volunteer service to our work and family lives and provides us with new ways to grow in friendship and fellowship with our peers. Contact Rebecca and join right away... whether you are new to ASQ, an experienced member leadership, or have been on a break... the Innovation TC has so much to offer to each of you with many opportunities to learn, grow, and innovate.

I'll be continuing on as the Innovation TC Conference Co-Chair next year and thus hope that I will be able to meet you all at our future monthly leadership meetings. Best wishes for 2023!

Larry Miller, 2022 Innovation Technical Community Chairperson
Innovation Trends Across the Decades
  • Stanford Scope: Finding patterns of success across 50 years of innovation
  • European Strategy and Policy Analysis System (ESPAS): Welcome to 2030: The Megatrends
  • Analytics Insight: Technology 2050: Awesome Innovations in the Future
Innovation in Action – Thought Leadership
Innovation in Action global articles, coupled with innovation resources you can use with your organizations, leaders, and teams today!
  • Harvard Business Review: What Makes a Great Leader?
  • IOP Science: 3D Printing: An Innovative Trend in Analytical Sensing
  • MDPI Sustainability: Reseach Trends in Corporate Social Responsibility and Innovation: A Bibliometric Analysis
  • Hindawi Journal of Environmental and Public Health 2022: The Application Trend of Digital Finance and Technological Innovation in the Development of Green Economy
  • International Journal of Innovation Management (Vol 26, No.5d 2022): How to Strengthen a Culture of Innovation by Combining Values-Bases and Evidence-Based Innovation Management
Let us know in our myASQ Innovation Community what you thought and what you want more of.
Innovation in Action - Events of Note
Innovation Through the Lens of Quality 4.0

Presented by Ms. Kai Yang
Monday, March 20, 2023
7:00 – 8:00 PM Eastern
An Innovation in Action Series
Description: Historically, every industrial revolution had a profound impact on the management sciences and practices, including quality management. Our current quality management system is rooted in the 2nd industrial revolution featured by mass production system and its main aim is to control and reduce defects and hasn’t fundamentally changed for at least 40 years. Currently the 4th industrial revolution, featured by digital connectivity, AI, big data, is well under way, there have been vast changes in our customers behavior, business processes and social interactions. There is overwhelming evidence that a revolution in our current quality management system is long overdue, and this is what Quality 4.0 is all about. In quality 4.0, there are new frameworks and paradigms for quality, customer value creation and innovation are taking the center stage. In this webinar, I will go through some of the key points and new framework in quality 4.0 and show how quality 4.0 methods can help innovation and customer value creation.
Download the flyer to read more about the session and presenter.
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*Note: Image courtesy of Juran Blog Article, June 15, 2019
How a WE Culture can drive Innovation
Presented by Ms. Luciana Paulise, CEO, MBA, ASQ CQE, Agile Coach and Certified Scrum Master
Friday, January 27, 2023
12:00 – 1:00 PM Eastern
An Innovation in Action Series
Description: In the age of continuous evolution, especially after Covid-19, leaders need to learn new skills to drive innovation more organically. Before the pandemic, most leaders were expected to be in charge. Suddenly, the shift to a remote workforce and a more volatile environment posed tremendous challenges for them. Command and control practices that promote a “me” culture are no longer as effective. Only a WE culture can help leaders and team members thrive in a changing environment. Through changing certain patterns and behaviors at work, leaders will find new ways to care for their people while improving innovation and quality. With practical examples from real companies, attendees will learn simple tips today to apply at work on Monday.

Download the flyer to read more about the session and presenter.
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FinTech Innovation in Banking & Innovation

Presented by Ms. Julie Goswani
Thursday, February 23, 2023
7:00 – 8:00 PM Eastern
An Innovation in Action Series
Description: A discussion about innovation within the financial services industry segment and its impact on incumbents, customers, and the overall ecosystem. We will explore the linkages between innovation and strategy, technological enablers, and how to best leverage innovation to drive greater customer value.
Download the flyer to read more about the session and presenter.
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Volunteer with Us in 2022 and Beyond
Interested in volunteering with us in 2023 and beyond? We would love to continue the focus on building out a truly international member leader and micro-volunteer pipeline.
Examples of the ways you can volunteer with us include:
Additionally, reach out directly to ASQ Innovation TC 2023 Chairperson, Ms. Rebecca Mott to express your interest.
Innovation in Action Podcast
Join the ASQ Innovation TC Podcast Team on an Innovation adventure. This podcast series is for anyone who wants to learn more about what is happening in innovation today and for anyone who wants to make Innovation happen. We’ll talk with innovators who are making contributions globally, across business, academia, government, and not-for-profit entities. Listen here today!
Special thanks to our Podcast curators Ms. Sanja Monteiro and Mr. Peter Merrill.
  • Innovation Process: Peter Merrill
  • Innovation Culture: Jane Keathley
  • Innovation Strategy: Jim Nelson
  • Innovation in Industrial Microwave Processing: Amanda Vargochik
  • Knowledge Management: Ron Young
  • Continous Innovation: Dr. Rhonda Farrell
  • Innovation Through Traumatic Growth: Dr. John Timmerman
Reach out to Ms. Sanja Monteiro if you are interested in being a future speaker or have a recommendation or referrel to a phenomenal Innovator.
Innovation Industry Conferences
January 05-06, 2023 • Shaghai, China & Virtual
January 09-10, 2023Tokyo, Japan
14th Conference on Innovative Smart Grid Technologies
January 16-19, 2023 • Washington, DC, USA
International Conference on Science, Innovation, and Management 2023
February 27-28, 2023 • Philadelphia, PA, USA
March 11-14, 2023 • Tempe, AZ, USA
March 20-22, 2023 • Grapevine, TX USA
March 23-23, 2023 San Francisco, CA, USA

Global Cyber Innovation Summit 2023 The "Davos of Cybersecurity"
March 29-30, 2023 Baltimore, MD, USA
Emerging Technology and Innovation Conference 2023
May 07-09, 2023 • Washington, DC, USA
September 07-09, 2023 • Shenzhen, China
Incoming ASQ Innovation TC Chair Greetings for 2023
When I started my ASQ journey over a decade ago, I had no idea how much value it would bring to my professional journey. At the time, I was re-igniting my passion for Total Quality Management in a new role supporting Operational Excellence. Over the years, I have benefited greatly from my involvement with the ASQ community while enjoying the many benefits provided to ASQ members. Joining this community was another step on my ASQ journey. During my time as Chair-Elect, I have enjoyed getting to know our member leaders as I worked with 2022 Chair Larry Miller to build on the solid foundation laid by the trailblazers that came before us.

The past few years presented unprecedented challenges as we all learned to collaborate virtually. As we close out 2022 and head into 2023, I am excited about the opportunities to promote all of the great work being done by our community leaders and to do some of it in person. "Thank you" to everyone who joined me in the sessions to plan for 2023! I am deeply humbled by the breadth and depth of knowledge embedded in this community and I am excitedly looking forward to a year where we will engage, collaborate, and promote innovation excellence as we showcase the work of our member leaders and their teams.

I am calling all change-makers, innovators, collaborators, and creators to join us on the road to innovation excellence. We need your support, so please reach out to me to discuss how you can get involved.

Deepest regards,
Rebecca H. Mott, Chair 2023, ASQ Certified CMQ/OE
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