January 2022 - Innovation Around The Globe

Innovation Around the Globe
Innovating Globally, Implementing Locally, Succeeding Together!
In this edition we bring you the following exciting thought leadership:
Message from Our New Chair
2022 welcomes us with promise and opportunity for our Innovation Technical Community! I am excited and honored to join with our efforts as the role of Innovation chair-person for 2022, to be part of the realizing the ASQ vision, Innovation style. It is truly inspiring to work alongside our Innovation colleagues to accomplish our noble purpose. Please join me to reflect on what we do, and how we continuously innovate to do it better.
Consider what innovation is and how it is a tool for us to get to a better world.
  • ASQ's vision is "ASQ empowers individuals and communities of the world to achieve excellence through quality."
  • Our Innovation north star is "Innovation is the process of creating value by applying novel solutions to meaningful problems." ISO-56000 gives us the simple and powerful statement of this idea as something "new or changed to realize value."
  • Quality is defined by many, and in many ways. Reaching out to ISO-9001 as guidance, let's paraphrase our quality profession as "continuous improvement through the disciplines of consistency and accountability."
  • ISO-56000 also defines for us "ideation;" to generate and share evolving ideas and concepts.
An innovative mind will always ask "how can we do that better?" In addition to "doing" things better, we have an important duty to exemplify and inspire that innovative mindset so that everyone can "do" things better, too. That's how we improve everything around us. Not just by innovating, but also by innovating innovation. Let's bring together those four ideas listed above. I submit that a simple and powerful method for our Innovation success is our commitment to accountability and consistency for innovative ideation. I'll take this to heart for all that I do in my service to ASQ Innovation, and I'll look to the ideas implied by this sentence (an epiphany that I realized by the exercise of writing the "Inbound Innovation Chair's Message for 2022") as a guiding light, and a light to share with others. This is how I'll choose what to do, and how to do it. Please join me to refine these ideas. The exercise to concisely express such big ideas takes considerable innovation energy and is well worth the effort when it is powerful enough to drive efficiency and self-sufficiency. I'll fire up a discussion thread about this on myASQ in the coming month.
Year after year, our Innovation TC grows in membership, in passion, in scope, and in excellence, true to the ASQ vision. We are exemplary in what to do and how to do it, and the improvement never ends. It just gets better and better because we get better and better. Let 2022 be a year of improvement through innovation for all; to inspire the light of innovation, and to share that light with everyone around us!

And also, please volunteer and get others to volunteer, too. We always have plenty to do, and never enough time and people to do it!

May we all have a 2022 filled with innovation, satisfaction, and success!
Mr. Larry Miller

Innovation in Action Articles
Innovation in Action global articles, coupled with innovation resources you can use with your teams today!
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Partnering with Our ASQ Customer Supplier Division Team
We want to express gratitude to Ms. Aimee Siegler, our ASQ Customer Supplier Division liaison, for allowing us to partner with the team in an early 2022 webinar entitled, Global Customer Supplier Collaboration - Driving Innovation to new heights, which was held on 10 January 2022.
During this event we examined how organizations could harness externally sourced innovations which drive collaboration, increase competitiveness, and unlock new business opportunities to optimize costs and reduce total cost of ownership. We also examined ways that Customer Supplier Collaboration models are driving transformation globally.
The presenter was Dr. Rhonda Farrell, the Immediate Past Chair of the Innovation TC. She is the CEO of Global Innovation Strategies, a consulting firm serving entrepreneurs, start-ups, non-profits and community groups, as well as the Founder of Cyber and STEAM Global Innovation Alliance. Her background is diverse and inclusive of innovation, change management, quality management, and cybersecurity as applied to organizations, initiatives, and technical infrastructures.
Listen to the recording here.

Join Us at WCQI in 2022
WCQI 2022 Will Be Better if You Are a Part of It!
Call to Action for our ASQ Innovation TC Members
Do you love WCQI expo halls? Enjoy the comradery of ASQ friends new and existing, either in-person or virtually?
We have multiple ways you can volunteer with your ASQ Innovation TC Team at WCQI in May 2022.
We are in need of the following categories of volunteers:
  • You live locally to Anaheim, California and would be interested in staffing our on-premises Innovation TC booth or supporting the in-person portion of our annual ASQ Innovation TC annual meeting during WCQI
  • You live afar (domestically or internationally) and would be interested in staffing our virtual Innovation TC booth
Just fill out this brief survey so that we can get you plugged in to all the exciting WCQI happenings.

Volunteer with Us in 2022 and Beyond
Interested in volunteering with us in 2022 and beyond? We would love to continue the focus on building out a truly international member leader and micro-volunteer pipeline.
Examples of the ways you can volunteer with us include:
  • Innovation TC Partnership or Sponsorship liaison or event leader
  • Innovation in Action Series liaison or content provider
  • Innovation Tool Presentation or Workshop expert
  • Innovation TC Conference or Webinar Speaker
  • Innovation TC NextGen and Student Mentoring
  • Innovation TC Volunteer or Ambassador
  • Innovation TC Newsletter contributor
  • Innovation Executive Round Tables
  • Innovation @ ASQ Spark Sessions
  • WCQI 2022 Booth Volunteer

We offer special thanks to our expert newsletter editor, Dr. Imran Rana, for curating phenomenal content early and often in 2022!
We bring you the following features in this edition:
  • Lean Six Sigma Problem Solving Moving from Basic Chicken and Rice to Creative Cuisine by Ruth Stanley, Edwin Garro, Ariel Ramos Ortega
  • GE, Toshiba, J&J: Reorganizing Is Not Transformation by Bill Fischer
  • Leveraging the Benefits of The EFQM Innovation Lens & ISO56002 Innovation Management Systems Guidance by Denis Leonard
  • Why digital transformations fail: the surprising disciplines of how to take off and stay ahead by Tony Saldanha & Robert A. McDonald (a Book Review by Nicole Radziwill)
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