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An Innovation TC Year 2021
in Review
A Phenomenal Innovation TC Year in Review
As we wind down 2021, I wanted to publicly thank our Innovation team, community members, and ASQ staff for making our event year phenomenal!
Monthly Webinar Speakers:
Ms. Therese Costich, Mr. Joseph Diele, Ms. Margaret Johnson, Mr. Sunil Kaushik, Ms. Kiran Mann, Ms. Leslie Martinich, Mr. Peter Merrill, Ms. Rebecca Mott, Ms. Kate Neu, Ms. Luciana Paulise, Mr. Joe Perzel, Ms. Karen Tilstra, Mr. Casey Young
Innovation Day Participants:
Special Ambassador: Mr. Archi Marrapu
Speakers and Facilitators: Mr. Hari Abburi, Ms. Susanne Althoff, Mr. Michael Graber, Ms. Margaret Johnson, Ms. Teresa Jurgens-Kowal, Mr. Sunil Kaushik, Ms. Jane Keathley, Mr. Braden Kelley, Dr. Tammy Madsen, Ms. Kiran Mann, Mr. Bryan Mattimore, Mr. Peter Merrill, Mr. Anthony Mills, Ms. Rebecca Mott, Dr. Marc Sniukas, Ms. Teresa Spangler, Dr. Bettina von Stamm, Mr. Andy Tilstra, Ms. Karen Tilstra, Ms. Ciara Ungar

Special Event Leaders:
Mr. Mark Alarik, Mr. Barry Craner, Ms. Stephanie Gaulding, Mr. Sunil Kaushik, Dr. Ron Kelley, Mr. Akhilesh Varma Kosuri, Ms. Kiran Mann, Ms. Marilyn Monda, Mr. Bob Shanks

ASQ Staff & TCC Leaders:
Ms. Grace Duffy, Ms. Cara Fitzgerald, Ms. Polly LeBarron, Ms. Barbara Peck, Ms. Susan Peiffer, Ms. Wanda Sturm

Recognizing Our Innovation TC Member Leaders and Micro Volunteers
It takes a village and these officers, member leaders, and micro-volunteers rose to the occasion for building out a phenomenal Innovation year. Thank you for your dedication, collaboration, and service to the community.

Mr. Dan Jones, Mr. Larry Miller, Dr. Imran Rana, Ms. Krystle Ziegler

Executive Advisors & Founding Leaders:
Ms. Jane Keathley, Mr. Ron Makar, Mr. Peter Merrill, Mr. Jim Nelson, Mr. Tracy Owens

Member Leaders:
Mr. Zakaria Al-Helal, Mr. Mark Alarik, Dr. Lila Carden, Mr. Tim Dalton, Dr. Mingxuan Fan, Mr. Akhilesh Gulati, Ms. Dawn Hashemi, Ms. Kimberly Johnson, Ms. Jacqueline Jolly, Ms. Sharon McNair, Ms. Sanja Monteiro, Ms. Rebecca Mott, Ms. Katelyn O’Gorman

Ms. Sharie Roesner (nee Austin), Mr. Rajeev Chadha, Mr. Akhilesh Varma Kosuri, Mr. David Greer, Mr. Zac Jarrard, Mr. Ved Munbodh
Best wishes to an innovation filled, successful, and prosperous 2022!
Dr. Rhonda Farrell

Innovation in Action Globally
Innovation in Action global articles, coupled with innovation resources to use with your teams today!
  • Journal of Innovation Management
    • Design Thinking and Bricolage for Frugal Innovations during Crisis
    • The Impact of Innovation Type on Financial and Non-financial Performance of SMES. A Scoping Review
  • MACK INSTITUTE for Innovation Management
  • The Innovation Value Canvas: A guide to defining value propositions and target customers for commercialization of technical innovations
Let us know in our myASQ Community what you thought and what you want more of.

Special Article – From SOS to WOW!
Dear ASQ Innovation members –
I trust you are using the tips from my “From SOS to WOW! – Breaking Barriers to Innovation” discussion in November to unleash your creative ideas and take courageous action to move innovation forward in your personal and professional lives. Remember to check in on the assumptions we all make about ourselves, others, and situations. Most of the time we are jumping to the wrong conclusion, and it holds us back.

I challenge you to continue to ask yourself, “What would you do differently if the assumption wasn’t true?” We are ALL CREATIVE – solving problems, modifying, and improving ideas, coming up with new ideas – it’s all creativity.

When we decide where we want to be (SWOWSo Well On the Way) to being a creative/innovative person, we make a big goal, think about the options to use to get there, analyze our risk taking tendencies, and practice ways to improve our chances of success (test a prototype, try out our ideas or conversations on others, collect more information…) - we then speak up and take action!
Remember to connect to the values of others and the organization to make sure you are heard, understood, and championed. People will listen if we connect our ideas to what is most important to them.

May the holidays bring you rest, fun, and joy! May the new year be a creative, innovative, joyful journey!

Professional regards,
Ms. Margaret Johnson
Please stay connected by signing up for my newsletter, following my blog, booking a complementary strategy session, or/and checking out my book – From SOS to WOW! Your Personal Coaching Adventure.

End of Year Transition
Thanks again to our phenomenal team, members, and staff for a phenomenally successful Innovation TC 2021 year.

Please join us once again in congratulating our new incoming officers for 2022:
  • Chair: Mr. Larry Miller
  • Chair–Elect: Ms. Rebecca Mott
  • Secretary: Dr. Imran Rana
  • Treasurer: Ms. Krystle Ziegler
Feel free to drop us a line in our myASQ What Can We Do for You discussion thread. We want to hear your voices!

Volunteer with Us in 2022 and Beyond
Interested in volunteering with us in 2022 and beyond? We would love to continue the focus on building out a truly international member leader and micro-volunteer pipeline.
Examples of the ways you can volunteer with us include:
  • Innovation TC Partnership or Sponsorship liaison or event leader
  • Innovation in Action Series liaison or content provider
  • Innovation Tool Presentation or Workshop expert
  • Innovation TC Conference or Webinar Speaker
  • Innovation TC NextGen and Student Mentoring
  • Innovation TC Volunteer or Ambassador
  • Innovation TC Newsletter contributor
  • Innovation Executive Round Tables
  • Innovation @ ASQ Spark Sessions
  • WCQI 2022 Booth Volunteer

December 2021 Newsletter
As we release the last 2021 edition of our ASQ Innovation TC Newsletter we want to offer special thanks to our phenomenal Newsletter Editor, Dr. Imran Rana!
We bring you the following features in this edition:
  • The Nine-Windows Approach by Mr. Sunil Kaushik
  • Innovation and Quality – An Alliance for Value Creation by Mr. Patrick Stroh
  • Masaaki Imai’s book Gemba Kaizen, book review by Ms. Rebecca Simmons
  • Upcoming Conferences and Events
  • Innovation Snippets
You can catch up on our Newsletters in the News section of our myASQ Innovation portal.
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Congratulations Mr. Ved Munbodh – Innovating Trailblazer
Congratulations to our Inaugural QP Innovation Field Note author, Mr. Ved Munbodh, who just received word his article entitled “Realization of Value Through Process Innovation" was accepted and will be published according to the upcoming editorial schedule.
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