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In this edition we bring you the following exciting thought leadership:
Rising Stars Within ASQ (40 Under 40)
Recognizing Our Innovation TC Affiliated Rising Stars
Today we celebrate our ASQ Rising Stars that are Innovation TC affiliated or members and thank them for their dedication and service.
Michael Arjev
Vincent Burris
Fernando Carvalho
Memorex De Guzman
Marthe-Ena Guerrier
Sunil Kaushik
Nadia Khamassi
Madhusmita Nayak
Michael Owens
Michael Parent
Solomon Pueke
Punit Shetty
Stephanie Thompson

Innovation in Action Podcast – Mr. Jim Nelson
What is strategy, and is it highly structured or are there components that cannot be measured? What makes it innovative? Jim describes the process and tools for developing and refining an innovative strategy.
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The Competency Journey with HD&L
As ASQ and ASQE move to integrate competencies, career pathways, certifications, credentials, and consulting opportunities for members, leaders, and the communities we serve, we want to highlight the great work that the ASQ Human Development and Leadership Community is doing as they map out their competencies and mature their Body of Knowledge.
In November, the 2021 chair, Ms. Stephanie Gaulding, and member leader, Ms. Marilyn Monda shared their innovative practices in the formulation of a leadership self-assessment model that ascertains how well you are doing at Leading Self, Leading Others, and Leading Organizations.
Contact them today for more information about how you can become a stronger leader!
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Special Article – The Right Route
Our special article of the month is from Ms. Therese Costich, who articulated the need to develop a roadmap towards digital transformation success. In her article “The Right Route,” she discusses the need to innovatively harness data at scale leveraging a people, process, technology, and infrastructure approach.
Read her full article to find out her recipe for success in this culturally complex arena.
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Recognizing our ASQ Fellows
The ASQ Innovation TC would like to thank the 42 current ASQ Fellows that support innovation across the globe and look forward to their continued mentoring, advocacy, and contributions.
Steven Bailey
Rajeev Chadha
Grace Duffy
David Foxx
Edwin Garro
Marc Kelemen
Benjamin Marguglio
Tracy Owens
Nicole Radziwill
Mary Rowzee
Jennifer Stepniowski
Ronald Tuznik
Cindy Veenstra
William Woodall
Joseph Basala
Denis Devos
Linda Feres
Sandra Furterer
Michael Hirt
Kim Hung Lai
Andrew Milivojevich
Steven Pollock
Gideon Roth
Aimee Siegler
Himanshu Trivedi
Theresa Utlaut
Ver-Non Wakefield
Jianhua Zhou
John Breckline
John Dew
Jose Carlos Flores-Molina
Sachin Kumar Garg
Karen Hulting
Lou Ann Lathrop
Raul Molteni
Janet Raddatz
Kurt Roudabush
James Spichiger
Alvin Turner Jr
John Vandenbemden
Lorri Williams
Daniel Zrymiak

Innovation in Action Globally
Innovation in Action global overviews, coupled with innovation resources you can use with your teams today!
  • A Review and Critical Assessment of the ISO 56002 Innovation Management Systems Standard: Evidence and Limitations
  • Digital innovation: transforming research and practice
  • Innovation, the growth differentiator
Let us know in our myASQ Community what you thought and what you want more of.

Disruptive Innovation Hub
The Disruptive Innovation Hub is a great resource for our members seeking salient content focused on Innovation skills and best practices.
  • Our founding leader, Mr. Peter Merrill, is a regular contributor as well as many of the brightest innovation minds around the globe
Follow them here!
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End of Year Thoughts – Yours Matter
Call to Action for our ASQ Innovation TC Members
We are fielding an open invitation to offer your feedback using an innovative STARFISH Retrospective model.
Thinking back on 2021 (or prior years) and looking forward as to where you all think that the ASQ Innovation TC can best support and align to the myriad of ASQ & ASQE strategic goals, initiatives, and potentially break new Innovation ground, we would so appreciate you offering your thoughts and perspectives to our IdeaBoardz here.
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