ASQ Innovation TC News You Can Use – September / October 2020

General Community Updates
We know our ASQ members have a choice of many TCs and we thank you for choosing to be part of the Innovation TC Team in 2020.

We continue a great year so far with Webinars continuing across the summer months and integration into the 2020 Pacific Region Virtual Quality Conference and Workshops to be held on Nov 6-7, 2020. Information and Registration here.

Speaking of growth, we have grown the Innovation TC membership to ~6700 global member leaders to date and our Chair, Mr. Dan Jones, and the Innovation “SQUAD” invites you to JOIN US to round out 2020 strong!

Are you the Igniter type? Can’t get enough innovation? Interested in helping us to spearhead Innovation program with our brethren TCs and Sections? There is plenty of opportunity to participate as a member leader in 2021 as well, so signal your interest and let us know how you’d like to contribute now!

September Newsletter Available Now
Highlights from our September 2020 Newsletter includes:
  • Innovation @ ASQ
  • Events & Dates of Note
  • Join the Innovation Squad
  • Webinar, Article, and Book Reviews
View information on our prior webinars and newsletters in the News section of our myASQ community

Visit Our Quality and Innovation YouTube Channel Library

In case you missed our September 2020 webinar where Valerio Zanini discussed Adopting a Tiramiso Mindset to Build Great Products feel free to capture the recording on our You Tube Channel.

Take time now to launch your career higher through inclusion of these valuable Innovation topics.

Have an Innovation Idea, Topic, Article, Challenge, or Quote?
We are currently collecting articles for our bi-monthly 2020 newsletter. We value our members and want to recognize your contributions. Please submit suggested content to our 2020 Newsletter Editor, Mr. Imran Rana at at your convenience.

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