What is a culture of quality?

FORBES Insights - Culture of Quality - Accelerating Growth and Performance in the Enterprise

Think of a continuum. At one end are organizations where the quality program is perceived as no more than a set of slogans. At the other end, each and every employee from entry level to the seat of the chief executive embraces the company’s quality vision, values and goals as a way of life.
  • Where would you place your organization on this continuum?
  • Where must it go to achieve your organization’s objectives and results?
A true culture of quality exhibits an array of easily recognizable attributes.Consider examples from companies
displaying world-class quality. These organizations can demonstrate that their leadership unwaveringly and visibly supports quality objectives. They are also passionate in their drive to continually identify and address customer needs—often taking extraordinary steps to engage the voice of the customer.

So where is your organization on the continuum from superficial support to quality as a way of life? Now
the question becomes:
  • how much more effective could your organization become if it were to take steps to enhance its culture of quality?
Forbes partnered with ASQ, Forbes Insights conducted a global survey of 2,291 executives and managers. Read all about the Key Findings, Methodology, and the Full Report and see where your organization go from here.

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