Journal For Quality Perspectives In Knowledge Acquisition

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The ASQ Education Division proudly announces the inaugural issue of the
Journal for Quality Perspectives in Knowledge Acquisition, a brand new journal
that captures the most recent innovations in education.  We invite you to join us
in an exploration of the work which comprises this Special Issue: the exciting research 
in improvement science in teacher education programs currently undertaken by various
universities in the California State University system.

The articles that inhere in this volume delineate pragmatic applications of the
theories of  improvement science within a spectrum of quality frameworks to enhance 
the teacher education curricula, increase student learning outcomes, and  reduce teacher attrition.  

Among those who have contributed articles to this volume are writers from the Carnegie Foundation for the
Advancement of Teaching, as well as researchers from the prestigious WestEd research 

Please join the Education Division in acknowledging  the many dedicated
researchers whose work is celebrated in this Special Issue.  

Information regarding the Call for Papers and the Author Guidelines is located in this
volume.  Contact the Editor, Dr. Marianne Di Pierro at the following address:

News Education Division 08/13/2020 7:30pm CDT


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